Fratelly to launch Gluten free Tilt


Nagpur – FRATELLY Wine will launch its new product Tilt in India. Fratelly Wine is the largest private sector wine estate company in India. This is a can of wine that contains 250 ml of wine. It will cost between Rs 160 and Rs 230. This is a great product for wine enthusiasts, as being in cans is easy to carry.
Tilt is a modern times wine that is pure vegetarian. Its different flavors have been launched in different colors. It is available in White, Red, Bubbly and Bubbly Rose color options. All colors and shapes are different. Soon it will appear in stores.
Tilt is a millennial – wine in a can for every mood. This is a very easy, delicious, vegetarian product that young people will love. It is gluten free, does not contain proteins made from wheat and barley. Gluten free diet is one of the craze of health diet nowadays. Talking about the taste, it is also spicy, bitter and sweet. This is a great drink for alcoholics.